Your Design

A chat

Maria meets with the client and they begin with a discussion on it is they like and dislike. Maria will listen to what the client is looking for and what it is they have in mind.

Some clients bring pictures from the latest magazines or a clipping of something they have seen and really loved. This is a great way to start in describing what you like, as it gives a clearer picture of where you’d like to go with your design.

Other clients have a more general idea, and with this and Maria’s design experience they can together define what it is the client seeks.

Initial Concept

From here, Maria will give her expert advice on different materials, colours and designs to the suit the outfit. She will the go through her portfolio of many different outfits which she has designed in the past, showing the client what direction the design could possibly take.

After this Maria then sketches the proposed design, furthering what the initial conversation has established. Through the sketches the client can see what their design will look like, and once this is agreed on, Maria will then source the fabrics and colours to suit the design.

First fitting

With the concept for your design established, Maria will begin to bring the agreed design to life. The client then meets Maria at her studio to for the first fitting. The studio is situated and a very relaxed and tranquil environment, helping to make the process as stress free as possible.

This part of the process can be exciting as you can see the colour and design coming together. The dress is cut, fitted and adjusted to fit you and your individual needs. This is really what makes your dress so unique, tailor made to fit you and make you stand out from the crowd.

The Finish

The process is not complete until the client has the prefect dress, designed and made to measure. There will be at least two fittings to ensure a made to measure look, with every aspect of gaining the perfect design considered.

The excitement builds as for clients as they see their dream dress created before their eyes. Its is often a nice opportunity to bring along a family member or perhaps your bridesmaids to admire your wonderful piece. At this stage, this is often the time when clients start to think about accessories. This is also something Maria can help you with. Here, her design expertise ensures that your accessories will be a perfect match for your ensemble.

It’s Maria‚Äôs incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail are key to delivering your dream dress, and is what makes her clients so happy. If you’re interested in the possibility of having a chat with Maria about your perfect design, you can get in touch here